An evolution from traditional sandwich board!

 LED Walking Board, a fresh product in Malaysia’s advertising fields. Thus, it is capable to make your brand easily stand out from others.

With this, it can greatly capture crowd’s attention and enhance the response of campaigns.  Because of bright and vivid 2D display, passers-by are much more likely to spend few more minutes to read the contents displayed.

We all know that it is world of technology now. When people experience something new, they will take a photo and share to their social media. As a result, client’s promotion spreads quickly and reaches to the edge of the world.

  • Attention-Grabbing  LED Walking Board is almost impossible to be ignored. It is able to attract passer-by’s eyeballs by its brightness and deliver your brand’s content effectively.
  • Flexible – LED Walking Board has not only functioned as a mobile advertisement but LED standing board that allow your content present in different modes.
  • Approachable & leads potential customer close to you  Customers are more able to notice bright object even in a far distance. LED Walking Board is a tool that directs passers-by around walking to you and enables your flyers reach to more customers.
  • Imprint brand awareness – Special and catchy marketing technique of LED Walking Board is enables your customers to remember your brands. LED Walking Board prompted passers-by to stop and even take a second glance to your ctontent especially in high traffic areas.
  • Professional – Promoters armed LED Walking Board which is customized and exclusive for your event when delivering your flyers. This could greatly boost your company image and campaign result.