WappBS - WhatsApp Business Solution

About WappBS

WappBS is a comprehensive WhatsApp Business Solution Provider established in year 2018 and owned by 360 Marketing.

At 360, our innovative WhatsApp Business Solution is definitely one of your best choices to take a step towards to digitize your business.
It is  an intelligent virtual PA integrated with WhatsApp and its build-in features help to elevate customer service and realize business process automation.

The Advantages of WappBS:

✅ Easy set-up: go LIVE in 2 mins
✅ Easy manage & web panel access anytime, anywhere
✅ Unlimited messages & campaigns
✅ Unlimited WhatsApp broadcast
✅ Reply rich media messages instantly 24×7
✅ Poll feature with analysis for voting, survey, remarketing & etc
✅ Form feature with easy upload for appointment, application, contest & etc
✅ WhatsApp shop: 🛒 shop-checkout-pay
✅ Email & WhatsApp notification when form or order receive
✅ Detailed & analytical report
✅ Cost-effective & affordable monthly plan

Wondering how to use WappBS to improve your business? How…?
  • To digitalize marketing, kick start an online contest or campaign
  • To retain the existing customer & grow leads by minimal human interaction
  • To generate reservation & order form directly
  • To conduct market survey & collect feedback
  • To build exclusive shop & stimulate online transaction automatically
  • and many more…
Let’s watch the video and find out how WappBS works:

1. 3 Minutes Introduction About WappBS 

2. 3 Simple Steps To Create A WhatsApp Chatbot In 10 Minutes 

3. Build A WhatsApp Shop To Realize Salesforce Automation: Shop-Checkout-Pay

4. How To Use WhatsApp Appointment Booking To Elevate CRM

5. How To Use WhatsApp Poll To Collect Feedback & Run Survey / Contest 

6. 5 in 1 Automation Integrated Chatbot By WappBS

7. Elevate Customer Experience & Increase Customer Retention With Unlimited Broadcast By WappBS

To find out how WappBS assist to automate business in different business fields, click demo or scan the QR code to explore the live demo.

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