SMS Plus Marketing

SMS Plus Marketing

SMS Plus – Take your mobile marketing to the next level

An SMS marketing campaign has many advantages: it is a brief but effective communication tool with low costs and elevated reading rate. But what if you want to interact with your clients and 160 characters is not enough?

SMS Plus = Text Message + Landing Page = A perfect Combination

With SMS Plus, you can communicate more than just the 160 characters of an SMS and will be able to transform a simple SMS into a new, completely interactive user experience, since it allows you to explore multimedia elements such as images, videos, maps, etc..

Millions of people carry their smartphone with them everyday. Reaching out to a potential client is more powerful when they can respond immediately with an answer. To take advantage of this communication potential, SMS Plus allows you to create a mobile landing page and make them accessible thanks to short-links that are inserted in SMS text messages.

The Benefits of SMS Plus:
  • Increase the conversation rate
  • Click through rate is 4x better than email
  • 71% adults in Malaysia own smartphone, 18m Malaysians are active mobile internet user
  • SMS deliver highest read rate, 98% of SMS are read
  • Communicate more than 160 characters of an SMS
  • Enhance the traditional SMS text message by adding images, video, maps, call to action and etc.
  • Local shortcode (63660 / 68886) as sender Id can increase the creditiblity and open rate
  • High delivery speed, deliver the message to your target audience within minutes.
  • Effective way to reach 18 million mobile users across Malaysia
  • Widen your audience & generate new leads

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