About GoWhere Malaysia

Find what’s on around you! Malaysia’s No.1 what’s on portal.

GoWhere Malaysia is the largest ‘What’s On’ portal listing latest sales promotion and upcoming events in Malaysia. With the ‘Around You’ feature, you can easily get the latest information around you based on your current location.

Have you ever missed a sales or a promotion? Or worse, not even knowing what you have missed because you can never know every happening at everywhere at anytime? With GoWhere, now you can!

GoWhere provides you with time-sensitive information on any sales & promotions and events, sorted by detailed categories and displayed according to your current or chosen location.
The interactive map allows easy zoom in and zoom out to expand or narrow down your search radius, giving you an intuitive navigation to find out exactly which stores or outlets running precisely what kind of promotions.
What’s more? You get to have a sneak preview of the promotional details too!

With all information centrally gathered and administered, GoWhere guarantees highly standardised top quality contents, powered by GoWhere team of specialists. Unique boutiques or massive retail chains or franchises, GoWhere platform provides the one-stop-shop solution for you to take advantage of the best deals available, wherever you in Malaysia at anytime.

Visit http://www.gowhere.my today to find out the latest promotions around you!

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