360 ChatBot

ChatBot, also known as Auto Responder, is a tool to help you reply message automatically.  It could be a powerful tool to enhance your marketing campaign and customer service level.

The Features of 360 ChatBot:

  • Easy set-up.
  • Create & manage campaigns / keywords / reply message through the web panel.
  • One account can be used for several campaigns.
  • Able to track and download conversation history through web panel.
  • Personalized messages depend on various conditions.
  • Can auto reply pre-defined text message, image, video, documents or even capture the information from your server to reply.
  • Unlimited keywords.

The Benefits of 360 ChatBot:

  • Instant reply & call to action – New enquiry / important messages are replied immediately and efficiently.
  • 24x7x365 real time service, chatbot can response every message, prompt reply even in midnight.
  • Economic choice – Save manpower and money, continuous marketing without hiring more people.
  • Do not need to reply the messages manually.
  • Create messages routing – System-generated messages reply based on the content that the system detect.
  • Message tracking/retrieval – Able to track and download conversation history and follow up any case for potential customers.
  • Generate new leads which diverged from traditional customers lines (mobile numbers)
  • People prefer to text compared to call.
  • Follow-up flawlessly without missing a single customer.
  • Get more hits – Get more new subscribers by provide links (business pages): sign up member for getting any discount.
  • Introduce your products – Let customers know your products details, functions and services in an effective way: send important message, image or video automatically so they will love your services.

If you would like to find out more about 360 ChatBot and understand how it work, click the link 360 ChatBot or scan the QR code below to try the demo.